use pure coconut oil
Among all seed oil Coconut oil is the most protective of skin. Ayurveda endows it with antiseptic qualities. The high ratio of omega 6 & omega 8 fatty acid content and the high content of lauric acid lend coconut oil a curative quality ideal for skin hygiene. The secret of Pyary credibility is that it uses only genuine coconut oil.
Until 8 decades back the modern concept of soap was mostly unknown to the people of Kerala. The popular form of abulent was “inja” a fibrous herb of a medicinal plant. In 1930, a young man inspired by lofty vision and equipped with thorough knowledge of Ayurveda, entered the cosmetic arena and eventually turned soap-making business into a culture of skin care.

Ayurveda- Science of life - is indigenous medicinal method of India. Its ancient pioneers were sages whose meticulous research into the remedial potential of herbal plants unearthed a holistic system of medicine, acknowledged world over as a powerful alternative method. Ayurveda is not just medicine. It is a way of life in harmony with Nature, whose herbal resources not only invigorate the body but also soothe the mind. Every Pyary Soap is a perfect blend of Ayurvedic ingredients.